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YouTube - GiveAway

Create a video on Youtube about how to sign up on greatsmmpanel.in, How to  add funds, how to order, how to earn money by selling SMM services from  Great SMM Panel ( Title should be Included ( Great SMM Panel ) and get 2$  After creating video, please submit your video URL through Earn Page and get 2$.

Forum Posting - GiveAway

Create a thread or review post on a forum. Explain sign up on  Greatsmmpanel.in, how to add funds, order, and earn money by selling SMM  services from Great SMM Panel and get 2$. After creating a forum post, please  submit your forum post URL through Earn Page and get a 2$. Real Forum. Spam Not allow.

G News Guest Post - GiveAway

Write an Article About Social Media Marketing and post your article  on the guest posting site ( Must be 50+ DA RATE ), and link to  Greatsmmpanel.in for Keyword: SMM panel and get 2$ Send us the guest posting  link to get, we will verify and add 2$ to your account. Only Google News  Site allow.

Quora answers - Giveaway

Answers Must be related to SMM panel questions with 100+ words and  Greatsmmpanel.in Link. Author Must Have 25+ Answered, 10+ Followers, and 100+  Answer Views. Question 30+ days Old and Min 5 Answered before by  Others. After the answer, you have to wait five days to get a $2  Giveaway.

Giveaway Terms

  • 1. For Video Giveaways - You must have 500+ Subscribers on your channel and 10+ videos posted before to get the offer.
  • 2. For Forum Posting Giveaway - You Must be 2 Month+ old members with 25+ posts on that forum to be eligible for this Giveaway.
  • 3. Guest Posting Giveaway - Your site must be less spamming rate and DA50+ Google News Approved Sites.
  • 4. Quora answers Giveaway - Author Must Have 25+ Answered, 50+ Followers, and 100+ Answer Views. Answer Must be SMM Panel Related.


  • Great SMM will not be responsible for any damages you or your business may suffer.


  • Great SMM Panel no way liable  for any account suspension or picture deletion done by YouTube,  Soundcloud, Vine, Pinterest, or Other Social Media.
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